Gratitude Challenge

My friend Barbara, from The Corner on Character, introduced me to the gratitude challenge.
Day One: I’m thankful for my 13 month-old grandson. I cannot believe how much I love this little guy.
Day Two: I’m thankful for the difficult days at school (mostly:)) because they help me be a better teacher.
Day Three: I’m thankful for my goofy dog. He makes me laugh and he’s the BEST running companion I’ve ever had!
Day Four: I’m thankful my husband, my sons and their spouses all have a great sense of humour. We played a board game this evening and sometimes I’m ridiculously competitive but fortunately they just laugh at me!

Day Five: I’m thankful for all the brave Canadians and other men and women throughout the world who risked and sacrificed their lives for us during the world wars.
If you’d like to join the Gratitude Challenge, just click on the first image.

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5 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge

  1. Olin is just lovely. It's so nice to hear what people are grateful for. Gratitude can carry us far. I am grateful to have such a tight core of blogging friends who I know really care about each other.

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