Running Teaching Designing

Whenever I need a quick timeout from school work or designing, my thoughts turn to running.

I’ve been running for 20 years and it never gets old.

I love running, especially in the spring and autumn.

Spring because it’s just warming up and everything smells so good.

Autumn because it’s crisp, cool and smells even better.

But those first few days of spring … well, that’s when you make the big changeover from winter capris to summer shorts, and you have to face those dreaded white legs!



Today was that day for me.

But I was very brave (yes, thank you) and out I went. I didn’t notice any smirks or heads quickly turning away in shock … so that was good.

And I had a great 23 minute workout around a nearby mountain.  I ran a bit faster than usual and did lots of hill repeats. I’m pretty slow on the hills so my dog, Max, was in sniffing glory. He could walk and mosey while I gasped and struggled. We work well together, Max and I.

What does all this have to do with the usual stuff I post? Absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, you count all the great ideas I get while I’m out there.

How do you get your creative neurons firing?    

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12 thoughts on “Running Teaching Designing

  1. I admire runners! So much so I tried to be one a couple summers ago. Ha! It is just not my thing. I do workouts every morning–cardio and/or strength training circuits. I still would like to like running, but instead I cheer on my son (when he's healthy). Good for you getting out there today. I definitely have the white legs too. 😉

    Teaching Little Miracles

    • Hey Vicky! How are you?
      That sounds like a perfectly lovely way to engage your mind while running:)
      Yeah…sagging is inevitable I guess but running is an awesome way to put it on hold!
      Take care.

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